I look forward to acting as your agent in finding the right property for you. Please, let me take this opportunity to explain how I work as a real estate agent, on behalf of my clients.

I will work with you to find a property that meets your requirements. I will help you negotiate for the purchase of the property and I will assist you in your performance of the contract to purchase. Although my representation for this purchase will terminate upon closing of the transaction, I will continue to maintain any confidences you have shared with me after the termination of this particular agency relationship.

There are a great many decisions to be made and things to consider when purchasing real estate. Although I can advise you on the business aspects of real property transactions, I cannot give you legal or tax advice or be responsible for inspecting or determining the physical condition of the property, the systems or potential defects. You are advised to seek the assistance of other professionals, like home inspectors, engineers, land use consultants, lawyers, accountants and so forth on matters related to the transaction that are beyond my expertise as a real estate licensee.

I look forward to helping you find the right property and assisting you to negotiate the purchase. In this process, I will advise you as a real estate professional familiar with the local real estate market and the business considerations necessary to a successful transaction. If during our relationship you have concerns about the physical condition of a specific property, or legal questions, please let me know so I can direct you to a professional trained in those areas. Please do not hesitate to express to me any concerns you may have as we go forward. I am truly looking forward to helping you purchase your home.

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